Student Essay

Vision for the Small Schools Project

The vision for the small schools project is to provide an independent learning environment forgifted and talented students through specialized self-selected projects. G/T students benefit from how the course is designed, the daily requirements and challenges, and the overall learning experience the student received within the program.

 “Our G/T program allows us to focus individually on what career we wish to pursue in the future. It also challenges us, because since we are all working on different TEKS, we have to be focused and able to work on our own. You have to have self-discipline and self-motivation. This program gets us ready for the college workload and beyond. This class allows us to get a chance to do what we want to do instead of what we are told to do. You come in every day and do what you feel like doing. You have to be able to pace yourself while still getting something accomplished. The way this course is designed, we have the freedom to pursue what interests us, but we also have the responsibility of making sure our projects get done. This class truly is an independent study, and it challenges us unlike any other class. Instead of doing the same generic work, we get to be individual thinkers. We don’t do all the work because we have to,we do it because we want to.”

G/T student
Colorado High School