Family/Community Involvement

A district gifted/talented (G/T) program is a vital part of the community. Establishing strong relationships with community resources is critical to the success of a strong G/T program for K-12 students. Stakeholders should have a clear understanding of the important goals and benefits of a district/charter G/T program.

The effectiveness of the program must be evaluated annually by teachers, students, and parents. The feedback should be included in the evaluation process to help improve gifted programming. Most feedback is collected using surveys. Surveys can be generated by computer programs that can be found online or mailed to the home. One district discovered the addition of a stamped, self-addressed envelope in a survey increased the number of responses.

Exemplary Recommendations

Information is shared and meetings are held annually requesting parent and community recommendations regarding students who may need gift/talented services. (5.1.1E)

Liaisons with business and community organizations are established, and the use of community resources (retired community members, foundations, universities, etc.) is evident in the service options available for gifted/talented students. (5.2.2E)

Source: Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students


Guiding Questions for Program Review
These are questions to guide a district as they evaluate their G/T services.

G/T Parent Survey
This is a sample survey to collect feedback from parents of G/T students.

Teacher G/T Evaluation Survey
This is a sample survey to collect feedback from teachers regarding G/T services.

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